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voici un petit resume d'infos utilises pour les demonistes en raid. Specialisations, rotations, etc (desole pour l'anglais).


Les infos viennent de http://wowmb.net/forums/f9/37043-3_3_raiding_specs_preview/

Preview of Patch 3.3 Raiding Specs

There are quite a few changes to warlock class mechanics coming with Patch 3.3. I'll try to give a brief overview about what this means for the individual specs, rotations, and their dps potential. The information here is largely based on patch notes, simulations (simcraft) and discussions in here and at other places (elitistjerks).
The most important changes are the addition of the Glyph of Quick Decay for affliction/demo warlocks and changes to molten core and decimation in the demonology tree. Further minor changes affect the Felhunter (for affliction), the ruin talent (now also affects pet crits) and conflagrate (less burst, same damage).

The builds:

Deep Affliction (55/00/16)
Glyphs: Haunt, Quick Decay, Life Tap
Pet: Felhunter
Stone: Spellstone
Casting Priority: Haunt, Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Curse of Agony, Shadow Bolt (below 25% replace with Drain Soul)

Haunt need not be cast immediately after it comes off cooldown, but should be cast early enough so the debuff stays on the target for all times. As for all specs, Life Tap to keep the buff up. Recommended starting rotation is LT,SB,Haunt, Corr, UA, Curse of Agony.
Affliction gets its favorite pet back, the Felhunter.
It is a minor dps loss to take points from Cataclysm and Improved Life Tap to get Fel Synergy (pet healing) and/or Improved Drain Soul (threat reduction). I would recommend doing these changes to the spec for actual raiding, unless you have an awesome tank. Also there seems to be a reasonable amout of AoE damage in Icecrown, so a point in Fel Synergy is useful.

Deep Destruction (00/13/53+5)
Glyphs: Conflagrate, Incinerate, Life Tap (or Immolate)
Pet: Imp
Stone: Firestone
Casting Priority: Immolate, Conflagrate, Chaos Bolt, Curse of Doom, Incinerate

Nothing new here. It is a minor dps gain to cast CoD after the first round of cooldowns so you can grab the Pyroclasm buff. Life Tap to keep the Glyph up.
There are basically three different possibilities to distribute the remaining 5 talent points, without any significant DPS difference:
(03/14/54) Suppression build, best threat reduction, one free point (soul link here)
(00/13/58) ISL build, very mana efficient, brings replenishment buff
(00/18/53) strong Imp build, if you don't like any of the above

Deep Demonology (00/56/15)
Glyphs: Life Tap, Felguard, Quick Decay (alternative: Metamorphosis)
Pet: Felguard
Stone: Spellstone
Casting Priority: Curse of Doom, Immolate, Corruption, Shadow Bolt (Incinerate if Molten Core procs, Soul Fire below 35%)
Cooldowns: Metamorphosis, Immolation Aura (during meta), Demonic Empowerment

During a fight you will spam Shadow Bolts until you get a Molten Core proc in which case you cast 3x Incinerate. Keep all DoTs up, even below 35%. Below 35% Decimation will be activated. Soul Fire will not consume the Decimation effect anymore, and will refresh it everytime it hits the target. This means Decimation weaving is over, you can just spam Soul Fire below 35%.
Demonic Empowerment should ideally be macro'd into all other spells so it is used on cooldown. The use of Meta should be adjusted to the fight, for a tank and spank scenario just use it on cooldown.
Life Tap as usual. You might want to keep your mana up so that you don't have to tap while Meta is up, so you benefit maximally from it.

The following two builds are nice for new and not yet fully geared warlocks. They provide a high base damage and simple rotations. My latest simulations show them a bit low compared to the above specs with endgame gear, so I currently do not recommend them for endgame raiding, also due to missing utility.

Hybrid: Imp/Conflagrate (00/40/31)
Glyphs: Life Tap, Conflagrate, Incinerate (or Immolate)
Pet: Imp
Stone: Spellstone
Casting Priority: CoD, Corruption, Immolate, Conflagrate, Incinerate (Soul Fire below 35%)
Corruption is needed for Molten Core procs, and should be kept up during the decimation phase, as well as Immolate. Life Tap as usual

Hybrid: Felguard/Emberstorm (00/41/30)
Glyphs: Life Tap, Felguard, Incinerate (or Immolate)
Pet: Felguard
Stone: Spellstone
Basically the same as above, but you drop Conflagrate in favor of the Felguard. Requires better pet management, but you don't have to watch the Conflagrate cooldown.

DPS Rankings (simcraft 322.r14):

Scale Factors (simcraft 322.r14):

Warlockt9550016 Sta=0.0000 Int=0.3413 Spi=0.9774 SP=1.7580 Hit=2.0339 Crit=1.2706 Haste=1.7470 Lag=0.0000
Warlockt9005615 Sta=0.1607 Int=0.5371 Spi=1.1300 SP=1.5127 Hit=3.0744 Crit=1.0417 Haste=1.5619 Lag=0.0000
Warlockt9001358 Sta=0.0000 Int=0.3646 Spi=1.0424 SP=1.5717 Hit=4.2978 Crit=0.9878 Haste=1.4293 Lag=0.0000
Warlockt9001853 Sta=0.0000 Int=0.5475 Spi=1.0803 SP=1.5717 Hit=4.4272 Crit=0.9430 Haste=1.1422 Lag=0.0000
Warlockt9031355 Sta=0.0000 Int=0.5645 Spi=1.1149 SP=1.5710 Hit=4.0657 Crit=0.9584 Haste=1.1906 Lag=0.0000

Take these with a grain of salt. Haste tends to be bumping forth and back, but it is save to say that it is the second best stat for all cases. The crit value is somewhat increased by the Reign of the Unliving/Dead trinklets present in the BiS gear lists. Note that affliction only uses one of them though.

Glyph of Quick Decay:
There are currently Ideas that this glyph could also be used for the Demo and Hybrid builds and might result in a DPS increase. I'll update this post once I have time to figure it out myself.
An analysis by dyson shows that it might be useful to replace the Meta glyph for the deep demo build:
3.3 Demo Spec rotation and glyphs

Life Tap Glyph:
Some people love it, some people hate it, I don't care. For most specs you can probably find a Glyph to replace it if you don't like it. This issue has also been discussed to death numerous times, please don't continue it here. I didn't put Life Tap in the casting priorities, but it should be clear that if you take the glyph, you should keep the buff up all the time.

There is quite some flexibility in the destro builds, less in most of the others. The specs I presented are to my knowledge those that result in the highest DPS output. They might not be optimal for practical purposes due to threat issues or pet survivability. In most cases it is easy to modify the specs accordingly, although in the case of affliction this might be less obvious.

If you find anything that should be changed in the above post please tell me. In particular I will be happy to add links to threads where anything relevant to this post has been discussed in more detail.
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Et hop, petits compléments

Guide Millénium 3.3

Guide vidéo époque 3.2 (mais 3.3 pas très différent)... et on voit au démarrage un full T7..Waouhh, Blizzard sait faire des sets sympa quand il veut

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